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Chicago's Most Trusted Full Service Electrical Contractor

When you choose Eco Lighting Services and Technology, you are choosing a trustworthy company that will save you money and ensure a long-term relationship with our team of experts.     


    Certified and Experienced:

Registered Electrical Contractor with the City of Chicago

  1. •  Bonded, Insured, & Licensed as a

  2. •  Members of International Brotherhood of

  3.     Electrical Workers (I.B.E.W.), Local 134

  4. •  DBE Certified and WBE Certified

  5. •  Illinois Department of Central                        Management Services (CMS) Certified

  6. •  SBE Certified

  7. •  MWRD Certified

  8. •  WOSB Certified

  9. 100 + years' experience in the industry


Operating Expenses

Reduce Operating Expenses with the following Services:

  • Lighting Controls that conserve energy

  • LED Lighting Upgrades

  • Indoor and outdoor maintenance contracts to ensure maximum benefits 

  • "Group Re-Lamp" services

  • "Eco-Friendly" Solutions


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